Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Our visitor

We have a visitor for 7 weeks in our house. He is an English teacher from Bagdad. ASU contacted us to host an exchange student for the purposes of promoting peace in the two countries and loving on these Iraqi students. I will be honest though. I read the email and deleted saying to myself, "No thanks." Then all week, God pounded my heart to do this. To be selfless with my house, to not worry what others would think, & to be bold for Him. So I shared my heart with Montana and of course, Mr. Easy-going was up for it. I don't think he even batted an eyelash before saying "yes." Anyways, we had two weeks to prep a room, etc. for Tahsen. He is a great guy, got a family, and a very devout Muslim. We are learning lots about his culture. Long story short, he is very nice, way cleaner than me, easy to please, and we like it. P.S. It is very close to Turkish culture and makes me feel like we are with the McAdams.....

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