Friday, September 24, 2010

Christmas Photo Sessions In Season Now:)

It is time to book your family shoot now! The family package (up to 5 members, $10 per extra family member) includes 5-10 fully edited images available for printing on CD with 1 card template provided for your Christmas cards. Options will be provided at your shoot for you to pick out which design you like. The catch: I am going to help my twin sister deliver her baby in Turkey so will be unavailable from Nov. 10-Dec. 15th. So October it is.... Don't delay! $100 payment due to photo session time.

Email me at

Can't wait!!!

Options for photo sessions include:
1)Cactus landscaped setting in North Phoenix
2)Urban downtown Scottsdale
3)Modern buildings in Mesa
4)Greenery in Gilbert
5) Weekend in Sedona with fall leaves:)
6)Weekend in El Centro/ Brawley if you like!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall is here:)

Fall is here! Time for pulling out the pumpkins and leaves. I love it. I got inspired to make some yummy pumpkin desserts tonight:) Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Top 10 on Wednesday

  1. Our Iraqi student FINALLY liked something I cooked. It only took 5 weeks. My peanut butter oatmeal cookies. Haha. It isn't enough to sustain him, but atleast, it is something!
  2. Starting Bible Study Fellowship with my sweet friend, Grace.
  3. Going to get to take family photos this week of some amzing twins!
  4. Continuing on in Dave Ramsey class. Learning how to invest our dinero and pay off debt.
  5. Montana finishing the sprinklers
  6. The weather cooling off enough to start taking photos again outside. YEAH!!!
  7. The movie, Dear John. I am a fan.
  8. Praxis- Song of Solomon sermons. So good!
  9. Sweet time with friends this last weekend playing games! Love it!
  10. Chatting with April and Logan about their 2 week photo tour.
If you think of it or are reading this, say a prayer that God would do an awesome work in them and their meetings!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Handyman

I should show a picture of this guy's lovely handy work in our front yard, but it doesn't look so lovely right now. Although, it will, once the grass starts growing:) We bought an OLD SCHOOL house. Like 1960's oven still being used in the kitchen, diving board is atleast 30 years old, and sparkly gold countertops in our bathrooms. We bought the house for it's quirkyness and quaintness. It feels a little Southern to me with the big back yard, open rooms, etc. Not the point, sorry to divert. Every month, new projects arise out of necessity to fix, not desire to change. My husband is super smart, but never really had to fix plumbing, pools, or sprinklers. No need when you can call your lovely landlord to do it for free:) BUT when you are the landlord, haha, you do it all yourself because it is cheaper! Erick Geryol spent countless hours teaching MJ how to build a sprinkler system. Thanks Erick!!! Poor guys have been sweating it out in the hottest month in AZ too. We got en estimate of 2000 bucks for our measly little front yard and he decided to do it himself since we aren't rolling in that kind of dough. I am so proud of him. I would have given up weeks ago, but he is more patient than I. He totally finished it today. YEAH!!! Now our gopher holes will be covered with dirt and hopefully, grass will grow!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet "G" Family

Such a great family and so much sisterly love! Makes me miss mine:) This family is going is right! Thanks so much for a fun time. Good luck with the move:)

Ten on Tuesday

Ten cool things for this week:
1. Sara Bareilles new cd......Amazing!
2. Our Dave Ramsey Class- Financial Peace University. We are LOVING it! We are growing lots and learning tons!
3. Our fun spend the night in Yuma with Montana's family this weekend. We had so much fun and the best black cherry mojito I have EVER had!!!
4. Lots of sweet maternity shoots. Love being with expectant mom and getting to see their babies soon!
5. Book of the week- Women leaving the Workplace. Super good and inspiring!!!
6. Having our Iraqi student eat ONE meal of mine, finally!! Only 4 bites of it, but still.....
7. God really encouraging Montana and I in His faithfulness in certain areas. VERY cool!
8- Finishing up the home studio for babies soon. LOVE It.
9-A new spray paint project- my new candleabra. Photos soon!
10-A surprise visit to friends last night and getting to hold her baby for over an hour. Sweet Ireland.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Luke & Cheryl Sneak Peek:)

This fun couple is expecting their first. I love seeing the anticipation and excitement in young family's eyes. So special. As you can probably tell, owls are their little girl's nursery theme. I love it! So funky. Praying for a safe delivery and sweet memories!

Sweet little Charlize is almost here:)

This great family was so fun to hang out with. They were so creative in bring great little girlie shoes and a photo of the sweet grandmother that the little girl will be named after! I loved it:) Congrats and safe delivery! Can't wait to meet her!

Road Trip Music

I love a good road trip with my best friend. We went to see his sweet family in Yuma. Had a great time catching up, seeing Sarah's new place and hearing what God is doing in Mexico from Montana's folks. Such a special time! I was hopeful on the way home that he would keep on driving to San Diego and let us go play in the beach, BUT instead we got new music to listen too and so I remained happy. So good..... especially #7.