Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

Ten cool things for this week:
1. Sara Bareilles new cd......Amazing!
2. Our Dave Ramsey Class- Financial Peace University. We are LOVING it! We are growing lots and learning tons!
3. Our fun spend the night in Yuma with Montana's family this weekend. We had so much fun and the best black cherry mojito I have EVER had!!!
4. Lots of sweet maternity shoots. Love being with expectant mom and getting to see their babies soon!
5. Book of the week- Women leaving the Workplace. Super good and inspiring!!!
6. Having our Iraqi student eat ONE meal of mine, finally!! Only 4 bites of it, but still.....
7. God really encouraging Montana and I in His faithfulness in certain areas. VERY cool!
8- Finishing up the home studio for babies soon. LOVE It.
9-A new spray paint project- my new candleabra. Photos soon!
10-A surprise visit to friends last night and getting to hold her baby for over an hour. Sweet Ireland.

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