Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Handyman

I should show a picture of this guy's lovely handy work in our front yard, but it doesn't look so lovely right now. Although, it will, once the grass starts growing:) We bought an OLD SCHOOL house. Like 1960's oven still being used in the kitchen, diving board is atleast 30 years old, and sparkly gold countertops in our bathrooms. We bought the house for it's quirkyness and quaintness. It feels a little Southern to me with the big back yard, open rooms, etc. Not the point, sorry to divert. Every month, new projects arise out of necessity to fix, not desire to change. My husband is super smart, but never really had to fix plumbing, pools, or sprinklers. No need when you can call your lovely landlord to do it for free:) BUT when you are the landlord, haha, you do it all yourself because it is cheaper! Erick Geryol spent countless hours teaching MJ how to build a sprinkler system. Thanks Erick!!! Poor guys have been sweating it out in the hottest month in AZ too. We got en estimate of 2000 bucks for our measly little front yard and he decided to do it himself since we aren't rolling in that kind of dough. I am so proud of him. I would have given up weeks ago, but he is more patient than I. He totally finished it today. YEAH!!! Now our gopher holes will be covered with dirt and hopefully, grass will grow!

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