Monday, August 30, 2010

Faux Paus of Recent

Haha! I realized today that I haven't updated yall on our sweet Iraqi foreign exchange student. Montana & I can't get over how different our cultures and spiritual beliefs are. Thankfully, Tahseen is very tactful:) So for some funny moments of recent:
1- It is SO NOT OKAY to eat food from a fridge that has had beer in it. Who knew? Apparently, this contaminates their food. Some Americans eating my food might like it better with a beer. HAHA!
2-Never let your dog try to give them kisses. Apparently, all dogs have diseases whether they see a vet or not. So poor Charlie has not gotten any lovin' from him, but he has from us.
3-During Ramadan, if you travel 20miles from home- you are able to eat all day long. Moral of the story is- if you fast for church and are hungry, drive to the In and Out 20 miles away and it is okay to eat?!?!?! Interesting.
4-Apparently colorful bras are not an option in Iraq. So in taking an Iraqi to the mall, be aware that heavy staring at ALL THE BRAS will occur. Let's just say I was blushing at all the bras in EVERY store that we sell here.

More to come-
Enjoy your day:)

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  1. Ha! Loved hearing about the cultural differences. So interesting!