Tuesday, August 31, 2010

{My sweet love}

I am SOOOO proud of your patience and your diligence. It astounds me daily that you have this characteristic even when no one is watching. You never complained about working a job that you may or may not keep at SRP for 2 1/2 year. I would have been OVER it in a week, but you persevered. God was paying attention (as always) and in His perfect time, He provided.
Secondly, thank you for driving ALL the way to CA to pick up a piano from your folks so I could enjoy playing on a real piano rather than our old ghetto keyboard. It sure looks pretty in the living room! Thanks for enduring rain and hail to get it to me on your one day off this week. I appreciate it! I can just see our babies and us sitting around it playing songs all night. One day....

Love your sometimes "not so vocal about my appreciation for you" wife,

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