Sunday, August 1, 2010

The boys are back in town

These cute boys include half of our nephews. Benji and Taylor. We love them. They came to visit for the weekend and we played hard for 4 days straight! I wanted to catch a few photos of them before them went back home to CA. Thankfully, it only took like 10 minutes because they were both done with seeing my camera! haha. Montana and I had such a blast going to the drive in movie, eating candy for dinner, going to the Wet n Wild, and staying up way too late. It is so special that they even want to hang with us so we tried to treasure each moment of snuggling and loving that we could before they get to old to want to hang with us:) It makes me excited to have our own family and create special memories with them. It was nice getting off the computer, not working and totally focusing on them. Loved it and loved them!

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