Sunday, October 3, 2010

The lovely Rachel Anna and her beautiful baby girl....

I heard about this amazing family through a friend at work and was totally inspired. So I want to share only the small part of her story that I know. Rachel Anna felt God calling to adopt a sweet baby girl despite it going against the grain. I loved it! So I wanted to meet her in person and hear her story. It is SOO inspiring. This mama has given up a lot to be here loving this little girl. The love between them is amazing and deep even though it has only been a few months. Her name is Matani and she is from Ethiopa. Rachel has an amazing family who has been so supportive and loving during this process. These two belong together. The love between them is strong. I can't wait to get it grow and hope I can be a part! God bless. I am so happy for yall! Thanks for coming to hang out!


  1. Thanks again for doing this, Aubrey! It was so wonderful to meet you. Praying for your own exciting life-journey. :)