Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Date night

I should tell you how much I love shooting families, children, and babies. It is so much fun to be so up close and personal with families. BUT, my biggest flaw is time management. It ALWAYS has been since I can remember. In the midst of working, I sometimes neglect my sweet Montana. He has never once complained because he knows that it is learning and growing time for me. In fact, he is just the opposite. He is super supportive, helps out when he can, de-stresses me, and so much more. For instance, tonight is date night. He planned a long walk, a bike ride, chick flick, yummy food (that he cooked and cleaned), and a listening ear. It is simple. Nothing expensive, nothing crazy- but just what the doctor ordered. Haha, not really! Thank you so much for a fun time and quietly reminding of what is most important in this life:)

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