Friday, April 30, 2010


I am a small person with small dreams. I love small town lifestyle and I believe there's something to be said for having roots. I love the idea of having a welcoming home. A place where the welcoming atmosphere alone whispers a divine Love into the corners of people's hearts. A place of invitation, where people can stop by for something simple--a cup of coffee and easy conversation. A place to comfortably keep guests who need a night over. Somewhere quiet in our loud and distracting world. A resting place.

I like life to be slow. I've never been a runner or doer. I mean, I definitely do things and have lots of ambition, but I don't feel a need to be busy or stressed all the time. If life seems to be passing too quickly, or if I'm too busy to enjoy the absolute beauty of life, I'll definitely make changes and say no when needed. I like to enjoy small things in each day, and I don't think I'm wasting time when I spend a few minutes just sitting and thinking. When I'm out and about, I've always got one eye on the sky...the clouds, the sunshine, it's all so beautiful and so basic. Refreshing.

I have small dreams for my business, at least from the outside. I'm not really a person who wants quantity, but quality. 40 weddings a year. I can really focus on my clients that way, and I'll dream big for I can serve them more, how I can do things for them, how I can make their day brighter. That's why I started in the first place--the opportunity to befriend others I might not normally get to know, and to be an influence of peace in their lives. I'm completely content with not having celebrity or destination weddings all the time. I've got long term plans with for AubreyMarie Photography, but this is me. And I like it.

I find so much peace in this simple revelation, and I'm so glad to be refreshed with it just before wedding season starts. I can embrace the way life works for me. This changes everything, and frees up my time for more important things than worrying about myself and my "status." I can embrace the quirks and tendencies that the Lord gave specifically to me...all while listening to what He might have me change about myself so that I may be more like Him. I want everyone to find this kind of freedom...and I can't wait to do what I can to help people find it.


  1. love this entry aubrey. love the peace, contentment, and passion you've been given. love that you are using your gift in this way. love that your business is taking off. inspiring.